Biotechnology, Machine Learning, Nutrition, Energy

Hello All,

We are glad to present you with our first place where we will share with you and try to connect and grow further together in regards to developing and implementing systems, that can help us and our society to become healthier and free.

In the section Stivo Tech you can find our work related to mechanical systems for food distribution and automation. Currently, there is work in progress for a machine learning system, based on information obtained from the agro-business.

One of our main projects is Sustainable microalgae shrimp system. We started to devise and develop this system in 2011 and during the years solved a lot of challanges. Currently we are in process of building MVP (minimal-value proposition) and consequent installation at fish farm.

Enjoy. Please connect with us to discuss your ideas, and how we can work together and make our home better. Lets the power of nature be with us!